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Challengers Caterham Youthscheme
Angie Bamford
Youth Leaders | Deputy Leaders: Angie Bamford (pictured) & David Osborne | Alicia Prior, Maria Lewis & Sarah Taylor

The Essential Stuff

St Nicholas School
Taynton Drive
Saturdays | Half-Terms | Easter Holidays | Summer Holidays | Youth Night - Tuesday Evenings
Scheme mobile: 
07881 376 910
Saturdays and Holidays: £20 10am - 4pm | Youth Nights: £6
Further Info Contact:

Its All About The Fun Stuff

Who can go?

Caterham Youthscheme is for disabled young people age 13-18.

How can I get there?

From the ESSO garage, take a right down the main road and then turn left onto Taynton Drive.

What happens at Caterham Youthscheme?

In and out days. Our in days include reptile experiences and talent shows. Our out days include trips to Chessington World of Adventures, the cinema, pub lunches and Hobbledown.

What parents say about Caterham Youthscheme:

Caterham Youth

How can my child join Caterham Youthscheme?

If you are a new parent, you will first need to register with Challengers. To do that, visit our Challengers Booking Website or call the Booking Line on 01483 230 939. You will then be asked to complete a ‘First Visit’ at Caterham Youthscheme – this is so that you can meet the team and see the scheme in action. Once you have attended a First Visit, you will be able to book sessions for all Challengers Youthschemes, including Caterham.

Caterham Youthscheme photos:

Caterham Youth - Summer Holidays 2014 Caterham Youth - Summer Holidays 2014 Caterham Youth - Summer Holidays 2014

Caterham Youthscheme Activity Programmes:

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